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During the eight-day voyage, our yacht becomes a temple of wellness and discovery that sails along the coast of Ecuador, revealing unexplored land and sea and providing superb comfort, beauty and attention to detail.


Nine exclusive staterooms are designed with a contemporary flair and the finest materials, for maximum comfort, a fitting complement to the beauty of the surroundings and the panoramic views that can be enjoyed from every corner. Our visitors will find the staterooms a welcoming space to enjoy the privileged feeling of «neo-luxury.»

In Kontiki we have three different types of rooms for you to find your perfect one.


Enjoy a variety of water sports: kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkeling and more. An intimate, serene spa and a gym add to your on-board wellness experience.


Outdoor spaces that inspire serenity and foster relaxation. Enjoy the opportunity to connect and disconnect in a variety of areas including the Organic Bar, the Chill Parlour or the Jacuzzi.


High-speed connectivity for travelers who want to share their experiences or don’t want to miss their favorite shows, while respecting the preferences of those who wish to disconnect and “be forgotten” during the voyage.



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Our itinerary departs every Sunday from Manta, our home port.  Below is a summary of what our 7-night itinerary looks like.  I am enclosing our brochure with detailed information for your reference.

Day 1 –  Arrive to the port of Manta.  Embark the yacht from Manta Port Authority.  Check-in onboard, welcome cocktail and briefing.  Dinner onboard

Day 2 –  Arrive in Ayangue for marine activities in El Pelado islet (snorkeling, scuba diving, and oceanic club deployed: water slide, floating island, floating piers, tandem kayaks, SUPs, green of golf, Seabobs).  Lunch onboard.  Afternoon workshop with the Valdivian community in Ayangue to learn about their culture and pottery heritage with a hands-on experience in clay.  Dinner onboard.

Day 3 –  Arrive in parque Nacional Machalilla to visit an old settlement of the Manteño culture and experience an ancient ceremony with the shaman of the community.  Lunch on board.  Marine activities in islets of Machalilla National Park (snorkeling, and oceanic club deployed: water slide, oceanic pool, floating island, floating piers, tandem kayaks, SUPs, green of golf, Seabobs). Private beach experience in islets of the park.  Panga ride to learn about artisan fishing.  Dinner onboard

Day 4 –  Arrive in Isla de la Plata for a hike in this beautiful natural reserve.  Lunch onboard. Marine activities (snorkeling, scuba diving*, and oceanic club deployed). Whale watching from June to September.  Dinner onboard.

Day 5 –  Arrive in Manta for a hike through the humid forest of Pacoche home of a large community of howler monkeys.  Climb to the San Lorenzo light house and visit the beach San Lorenzo, the most important nesting site of sea turtles in coastal Ecuador.  Onshore Gastronomic experience in San Lorenzo for lunch. Toquilla Straw Hat workshop on site in the afternoon. Return to yacht for sunset and dinner onboard.

Day 6 – Arrive to Bahía de Caraquez and transfer to San Miguel de Sarampion to visit an organic Cocoa farm and learn to be a chocolatier for a day.  Gastronomic in land experience at Iche Gastronomic Lab in San Vicente.  Workshop in the ancient Manabitan oven.  Return to the yacht for dinner.

Day 7 – Arrive to Jaramijó for a day of marine activities (oceanic club deployed: water slide, oceanic pool, floating island, floating piers, tandem kayaks, SUPs, green of golf, Seabobs).  Lunch onboard.  Visit to Ciudad Alfaro and Montecristi for handcraft shopping. Farewell cocktail party and dinner.

Day 8 – Breakfast and check out
*Scuba diving is not included in our standard program, but it can be booked at an extra cost.

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