Finch Bay Galapagos

Destination overview

The charming Finch Bay – named after the famous Darwin’s Finches abundant in the surroundings – is just steps from the beach on a private seaside location surrounded by mangroves. Here guests can cherish the privacy, natural surroundings and superb service offered by the Finch Bay.

The Finch Bay provides a land based alternative for enjoying the marvels of the Galapagos Islands. The Hotel staff will work with each guest individually to determine the best activities and daily boat excursions allowing you to make the most of your Galapagos vacation.

Location and weather

Located on Santa Cruz Island at Punta Estrada, across the bay from the town of Puerto Ayora, it is situated in a quiet location, with only pedestrian and bicycle circulation – there are no cars in the neighborhood.

Finch Bay accommodates 42 guests with 21 rooms (with twin or king-size beds), each with private facilities, air conditioning and unlimited water supply, as the hotel has its own desalinization plant. This ecologically oriented hotel also boasts innovative garbage processing and recycling programs. The entire infrastructure as well as the activities are totally oriented to a concept of true ecotourism in a pristine natural environment.

Delicious healthy international and Galapagos inspired menus are prepared daily by our chef, using the freshest ingredients.

Finch Bay is easily accessible. After a two-hour flight from Ecuador’s mainland, guests arrive to the airport of Baltra in the Galapagos and then take overland transportation to Puerto Ayora and the Finch Bay.

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