Hacienda Zuleta

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Hacienda Zuleta’s hospitality retains an intimacy, warmth and sincerity reminiscent of a century past. Additionally, Zuleta offers a level of privacy rarely achieved in the 21st century. At Zuleta you are a guest of our family and you are welcomed as such. You will be invited to relax at your leisure in our cosy reading and living rooms, which have entertained their own entourage of famous visitors including past presidents and dignitaries.
All of our guestrooms are located in the main building of the Hacienda, which dates back to 1691.

As the structure of the original colonial building could not be drastically changed, every room has its different shape and charm. Individually decorated with antiques, authentic family pictures and hand embroidered linens, the guestrooms transmit the feeling of a private home.

The rooms have beautiful garden and mountain views and some provide access to private gardens, terraces or a courtyard where hummingbirds feed.

Our double beds are queen or king size, with four pillows and anti-allergic bedding. While guests are enjoying their dinner, room service staff place hot water bottles with beautiful embroidered cases in every bed and light the fireplaces.

Suites for families and adjoining rooms are available. Satellite television, movies and games are available at any time in one of the living rooms, as well as coffee, soft drinks and a bar service. Phone calls can be made from the public areas and offices.

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