San Agustín del Callo

Destination overview

One and a quarter hours from Quito, capital of Ecuador, stands the beautiful and little known colonial Hacienda of San Agustín de Callo. Built on the site of an Inca palace, one of the two most important archaeological Inca sites in Ecuador.

Since the 15th Century San Agustin de Callo has served as an Inca fortress and Augustinian monastery

1742: Home of the French Geodesic Mission

Whose scientific results helped to determine the true shape of the planet. Other famous visitors include the brillant German scientist Alexander von Humboldt and English mountain climber Edward Whymper, among other illustrious visitors.

1921: The Hacienda was purchased

By General Leonidas Plaza Gutierrez, leader of the liberal Revolution. Plaza went on to become President of Ecuador in 1901 and again in 1912, a position which was to be held by his son Galo Plaza Lasso in 1948.

The Hacienda has remained in the family to this day and is currently owned by the General’s granddaughter, Mignon Plaza, whose father, the distinguished congressman and legendary amateur bullfighter, Jose María Plaza Lasso, played a pivotal role in politics throughout his life.


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