Casa del Suizo Lodge

Destination overview

Satiate your curiosity for the Amazon rainforest, learn new things and most importantly, have fun and relax with friends and family in one of the most established jungle lodges in Ecuador. Each day on the Napo River promises new adventure: the monkeys you spot out on the way to activities, the local community you witness; and the raft you build with your own hands. As the sun sets over La Casa del Suizo head to the swimming pool to gaze at the stunning jungle view, relaxing into the night.

Fun activities for all

Building rafts and kayaking down the river, nature walks and bird-watching, swinging from the canopy, discovering the local way of life or even just dipping in the pool and enjoying massages are all part of the La Casa del Suizo experience.

Adventure of the jungle, comforts of home

There’s nothing rustic or basic about our comfortablemodern rooms, with river-facing balconies and well-equipped bathrooms. A touch of indulgence comes courtesy of our restaurant, with delicious buffets at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Wonderful wildlife

La Casa del Suizo brings you into the compelling natural world of the Amazon, one of the true wonders of the planet. You barely have to leave the hotel to enjoy the incredible biodiversity of the River Napo.

Community encounters

Experience the way of life of our local community, learning about cooking, the Quechua language and their hunting techniques, as well as making ceramics from natural materials and building rafts.

Enthusiastic and experienced team

Some 30 years may have passed since the opening of La Casa del Suizo but our love for the Amazon has only continued to grow, much like our experience with guests and safety expertise.



3 days / 2 nights

Day 1:

Only 300 km south-east of Quito lies the Casa del Suizo Eco-lodge. We start early in the morning for our 6 hour drive to the jungle. We pass through paramos and cloud forests, enjoying the different biodiversity of our country and experiencing the changes in the temperature due to the microclimates on the Equator. Once we get to our destination at La Punta, we embark in our canoe for the trip down the Napo river. We arrive at the lodge where lunch will be served. We are now ready to explore the nearest community of the Quichua Indians, to see how they live and work the plantations that they have in this region.


Day 2:

After breakfast we will be taken by our local and bilingual guide to the river. Having experienced a wonderful ride along the waters of the jungle, we will walk through the Amazon rain forest, where we will discover much more about the flora and fauna of the area.


Day 3:

After an early breakfast, we navigate our canoe back to La Punta. Our driver will then take us onwards to Quito. Once again we will experience the changes in climate and vegetation, but this time from lower to upper levels in the Andes. At the half-way point, we have lunch at Baeza and we are then ready to enjoy the stunning thermal springs at Papallacta which lies at an altitude of 3.300 m. We then make a late arrival at our hotel in Quito.

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