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The cuisine of Ecuador is as particularly as Ecuador is. Its variety is pretty much due to the intense geography that is part of this country, having the Coast, the Andes and the Amazon and the Galapagos regions.

Usage of ingredients such as seafood, rice and coconut milk are much more prevalent near the coast. So the dishes you will find in these parts will be vastly different to those in the Amazon region and or the Andes.

Due to its rich location on the Equator line, Ecuador enjoys of a tropical weather, however since the Andes are crossing the country from North to South, it creates microclimates and a huge diversity in weather that contributes to a magical production of a diverse variety of fruits, vegetables, legumes and tubers that are part of this rich but still undiscovered gastronomy.

Whilst Ecuadorian food has similarities with Peruvian food. There are many outstanding delicacies that are unique to this small nation of foodies. Ecuador is also big in soups, The technique of making soups, or stews came from Europe – a French influence that made its way across the ocean and eventually transformed local cuisine. Europeans brought milk products which combined with the native potato eventually produced the one soup that gives the Ecuadorian Andes its identity: LOCRO

But Ecuadorian soup traditions merely begin with the locro. They end in every corner of every province with caldos, cazuelas, repe, sancocho, viche, aguado, timbushca, and the “sopas de bolas verdes”.

Be part of our culinary adventure and get to experience for yourself what it is and what it takes to create a delicious Ecuadorian meal.



Start the tour with a bird’s-eye view of this city from Panecillo Hill. Then proceed with an experiential and innovative culinary experience. The Altamira Experience offers you an authentic and interactive cooking class. The objective is to invite you to be the protagonist of our gastronomic tour, to learn and to participate in the preparation of traditional dishes of Ecuador. Begin with a visit to a traditional market where the Chef will welcome you and explain you about local culinary products and traditions. You can take pictures, taste endemic fruits, traditional dishes and make your own purchases if you wish. Then head to the Altamira Restaurant located at the Masaya Hotel, a haven of hospitality nestled in Quito’s historic center. Learn to prepare 3 courses of typical Ecuadorian recipes including a starter (“Locro Quiteño”, an Andean potato soup), a main dish (“Encocado”, a coconut stew with fish or chicken) and a traditional dessert. You will see that the ingredients used can be found worldwide, therefore you will have the opportunity to prepare these recipes in your home country for your family or friends. You are also given the opportunity to be an Executive Chef. Feel free to adapt the receipt more specifically to your preferences and tastes! The Chef will explain the details and history of each dish. Thereafter, enjoy lunch which consists of what you prepared!

After lunch, enjoy a tour of Quito that is sure to impress! It starts in old colonial Quito in the main square, where the presidential palace, the main cathedral and some other important buildings can be appreciated, and continues to Plaza Santo Domingo. A walk through La Ronda Street, one of the oldest streets in town, will show you how the colonial houses were built and how the Quitenos lived in the 1600s. Your walk takes you through the city museum to San Francisco Plaza, with a quick stop so that you can try the typical sweets of Quito. San Francisco is the oldest church in Quito, and it is full of history and legends. One of the most beautiful churches in South America that you will visit, or perhaps the world, is La Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús, truly a treasure to be visited during this tour.

Once you have finished exploring the beauty of the old town your Guide will take you back to your hotel.



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