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Following a meticulous renovation, this antique Spanish-colonial house was resurrected and modernized into what is now Hotel Mama Cuchara. The hotel offers guests all the charisma of a historic hotel, the deeply individual charm of a boutique hotel and the effortless comforts, services and contemporary elegance of 5 star accommodations.


Between march and august 1875, Juanita Terraza Monsalve – a tenant of this house –gathered in this site and gardens, several liberal conspirators such as Abelardo Moncayo and Roberto Andrade amongst others, with the objective of planning the assassination of conservative president Gabriel García Moreno. This is how, that august 6th, on a corner of Quito’s Cathedral, they terminated the head of state with firearms and the help of Faustino Rayo’s machete.
Historical commemeration on november 23, 2017, the inauguration day of this Hotel.

We thank historian Fernando Jurado for this summary.

Situated in the best-preserved, least altered historic center of UNESCO’s world heritage sites in Latin America – the Historical Center of Quito – Hotel Mama Cuchara enjoys an ideal location among the hotels in Quito’s historic center, a walkable distance from the Plaza Santo Domingo, La Ronda, and many of the city’s most popular historical sites.

​Faithful to the Art Hotels brand concept, Hotel Mama Cuchara indulges the keen traveler with a private collection of art complemented by rotating exhibits of various Ecuadorian artists. Proceeds from sales of art directly benefit the artists and their community.

​Hotel Mama Cuchara breathes new life into the Historic Center of Quito, linking the service and design of Art Hotels Ecuador’s brand with the Historic Center’s charm.

​Within all of our properties, the ethos is the same—to passionately and authentically mix old with new and create an artistic, creative approach to luxury hospitality.

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