Hotel Mainao Galapagos

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Hotel Mainao, 10 years ago it was originated as a home to share with my daughters Maile and Naori, which had 6 rooms. The idea was to have a place for to spent holiday time, and share the house with my two daughters. As time passed, my daughters grew and they became independent, and the house was big and alone. From there came the idea of opening a place for lodging, aware of the growing tourism in Santa Cruz and taking advantage of its strategic location to provide a comfortable stay, all far from port’s center, where most of the hotels are and is very noisy.
Because of my experience as a Tour Guide, I have known the expectative about service and infrastructure; I began to expand the construction from one to four blocks to reach 16 rooms

I am inclined by building type Moroccan-Arabic, with gardens and courtyards, thus providing an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility that invite guests to rest and relaxation

MAINAO name was inspired in a combination of the name of my daughters MAILE and NAORI – MAINAO. Welcome!

We are a family group with many years of experience in the area of tourism in the Galapagos, and therefore we offer our personalized services to our guests, providing a comfortable accommodation for your vacation and stay in the Enchanted Islands are pleasant and memorable. We also offer services of tours package in Santa Cruz and among the islands.


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