Mashpi Lodge

Destination overview

Located on a scenic plateau, the lodge features breathtaking views of the surrounding forested mountains and their unique ecosystems. The design and style enable total immersion through its floor-to-ceiling panoramic glass windows. Like a cathedral to the natural world, Mashpi is a perfect blend of luxurious comfort and engagement with one of the world’s most stunning environs.



It seems incredible that such a wild and remote site could even be associated with a city, yet Mashpi actually lies within the Metropolitan District of Quito – the capital of Ecuador. The lodge, which is only about 100 km (60 miles) northwest of Quito, was built at 950 meters (3,117 feet) above sea level. The surrounding reserve ranges in altitude from 500 meters to 1200 meters (1,640 to 4,000 ft) above sea level. This transitional state combines with the tropical and subtropical climates to create a spectacular site, teeming with a variety of flora and fauna that is seldom found in such startling variety.



Located at a former lumber mill, Mashpi Lodge was built using the latest techniques in sustainable construction in order to prevent damage to the forest, with much of the structure having been preassembled in Quito and designed around the topography of the site to prevent further damage to the trees. It is designed to blend in perfectly with its natural environment, respecting the natural space it occupies. Stunningly contemporary and featuring modernist design and décor that mixes warm earth tones, steel, stone, and glass in striking perspectives, Mashpi Lodge makes for a true cocoon of luxury in the middle of the forest.



With its pergola-style roof and outdoor seats and tables, the lodge’s open-air terrace provides a space for guests to enjoy splendid views and relax to the sounds of the forest and its inhabitants that flutter within touching distance.

The terrace is one of our favorite places for early-morning birdwatching. Grab your binoculars and scroll down to spot some birds from the terrace.



Offering a range of beauty treatments, massages, a hot tub and a space for yoga, our spa allows you to indulge your senses and liberate your body from tension. It truly gives you the perfect chance to reconnect with the essence of nature right here among the forest and clouds. Our two massage rooms enjoy a backdrop of boundless beauty that can be admired through their glass windows, while our Samay Wellness Center close to the lodge is the ideal space to unwind.


Our small boutique sells a variety of books, guides, expedition attire, and souvenirs as well as toiletries and other essentials for guests. Treat yourself, friends and/or family to fragrant essential oils, award-winning Ecuadorian chocolate or a one-of-a-kind shirt.

Viewing platform

Like a ship’s prow, our viewing platform juts out over the forest and provides the ideal space to immerse yourself in the world of Mashpi. You’ll be left in awe with the view and mesmerized by the calls of the birds and the dance of nearby butterflies.

Expedition room

An extensive library of books awaits in the Expedition Room on the first floor. The space is also used by our Naturalist Guides for activity briefings and by our science team for presentations, the latter of which involve sharing discoveries about the forest and our conservation efforts.

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