Papallacta Day Tour


Papallacta is the habitat of a wide range of animals. Condors, pumas and the only kind of bear in South America, the spectacled bear. The “Termas de Papallacta” (Papallacta Thermal Springs) Hacienda owns the “Rancho del Canon,” a protected area of 250 hectares (625 acres) located at the entrance of the ecological reserve, Cayambe-Coca. The Papallacta River crosses both the hacienda as well as the high section of the valley, offering  the visitor a spectacular view of the Antisana Volcano.



Just an hour and a half east to Quito, the high plateau of the Andes is located. In this beautiful area, we offer walks along the ecological paths, where nature lovers can appreciate the local flora and fauna. This area is a treasure for ornithologists, with more than 160 different species of birds, including hummingbirds, tanagers and occasionally the great Andean Condor. Afterwards, enjoy the Hot Springs of Papallacta, whose thermal waters emerge from deep geological layers through fissures up to the surface. This will be a day of nature, health and relaxation.

Lunch will be served in the spot.



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