Galapagos Safari Camp

Destination overview

The Galapagos Archipelago is one of the last places on the planet to be relatively untouched by man. With only 3 percent of the landmass inhabited, the islands support a remarkable ecosystem and have one of the planet’s most important marine reserves. The “Enchanted Islands” lie at the crossroads between science, nature, literature and exploration.

Galapagos Safari Camp is a new way to see the Galapagos, either in addition to a cruise or as unique destination in itself. Our eco-luxury tented camp—pioneering in Latin America—follows the African safari tradition in which guests enjoy total comfort under canvas while experiencing nature in its purest form.

Tented Camp

Aerial View over our Tented CampOur Tented Camp borders the National Park in the highlands of Santa Cruz Island’s “transition zone” and is close to the tortoise reserve. The 55-hectare farm is on a ridge with magnificent views over the Pacific Ocean & the famous western & northern islands of Isabela, Santiago, Pinzón, Baltra, Rabida, Guy Fawkes & Daphne.

The stylish central lodge:
Is perched on a hill with panoramic views from its spacious veranda. The open-plan interior draws the eye to the islands scattered on the horizon below. Relax in the lounge and bar, with their cosy fireplace. Savour the local and international dishes created by our creative chef with home-grown produce in the dining room.


Our nine luxury tents:

Are located closely below the central lodge. They are erected above the ground on wooden platforms and are sheltered by three protective layers, one specifically for the sun, another one for the rain and an inner sealed canvass shell forms the bedrooms. Their interiors are comfortable and spacious (27m2). The custom-made furniture was designed with comfort, practicality and elegance in mind. Twin beds join to become one comfortable queen, there are cupboards, a writing desk and a fan/heater for temperature control. We can also add a sofa bed for children under 12. The en-suite bathrooms are tastefully designed with hot power showers and flush toilets. All tents have a large balcony with a hammock and chairs from which to take in the enchanting view. Click for a map of our camp.

The infinity pool is an ideal place for guests to enjoy the nature and tranquility while cooling down on hot days.

The farm has an abundance of birdlife with finches, warblers, mockingbirds, Galapagos doves, egrets and owls—tortoises also frequently potter between the tents. As a result of our conservation work, many local species of trees, such as scalesia, guayabillo, and palo santo, are rapidly regaining a foothold after years of cattle farming.


Land & Sea Safaris – Combine a cruise with a land-based GSC itinerary.
Classic Safaris – Private land-based activities from GSC with day trips to neighbouring islands.
Diving Safaris – For SCUBA enthusiasts based at GSC.
Land Safari – land activities in Santa Cruz only.
Galapagos & Ecuador Safaris – Our Classic Safari with an extension in the mainland.
Specialised Safaris – Tailored made and exclusive to groups.


On the farm you can spend time walking, bird watching and spotting visiting tortoises. The vegetation is lush and the terrain is volcanic so good walking shoes are required. There are a number of wonderful viewpoints from which to observe birds or simply relax.

The neighbouring area to the farm is known as the “highlands”, spanning fertile vegetation zones with a blend of agricultural land and national park. Attractions range from a tortoise reserve to lava tunnels and volcanic craters. Walking, cycling or horse trekking can be organised upon request.

The lowlands of Santa Cruz Island boast pristine turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. You can snorkel, dive, kayak, surf or just swim. The main town, Puerto Ayora, is vibrant and lively, with many restaurants, shops and galleries.

Further afield. For those wishing to visit other islands, a stay at the camp combined with an extended cruise provides the perfect solution. Alternatively we can help you organise snorkelling or diving to neighbouring islands.

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