Galaxy Galapagos Yacht


16 passengers


9 members + 1 bilingual guide


12 knots


First class steel – hulled motor yacht


35 m

Galaxy Yacht



Traveling in the Galapagos Islands on board the first class yacht Galaxy is one of the best options. Visit the pristine ecosistems of the Galapagos Islands. We are very proud to be able to offer you 4, 5 and 8 days cruises with the first class service, very knowledgable Naturalist Guides and security in our operations while you enjoy your Galapagos cruise. We assure you a wonderful and unforgetable vacation time on board the GALAXY.

The M/Y GALAXY has 9 beautiful and comfortable double cabins with lower beds and outside views; 3 cabins are located on the lower deck, 3 cabins on the main deck and 3 cabins on the upper deck, private bathrooms cold-hot water, air conditioned, hair dryer, telephone in each cabin for internal communication, and high speaker.

This beautiful yacht is well equiped with an ample dining room, bar and lounge, coffee station with tea, coffee, herbal infusions, and drinkable water all the time, TV and DVD, library and sundeck.

A bottle of water is provided the first day of your cruise and it will be in your cabin; you can use it and carry it when for your excursions. We suggest to refill this bottle with fresh water from the dispenser placed in the lounge.

  • Lounge services: We offer a variety of table games, videos and books for your enjoyment. Be sure to return the books you borrowed to the lounge at the end of your cruise. Returning them will offer enjoyment to passengers arriving after you.
  • Bar service: We offer a variety of sodas, cocktails, and liquors; please ask to the barman the list of drinks available on board and the prices, please do not forget to check your bill at the end of your cruise.
  • SAFETY BOX On board:  We offer a safety box in each cabin for your valuable belongings; please do not hesitate to use it and ask the crew members or your guide about it.
  • Payments on board: We don’t accept credit cards, only cash is accepted during the cruise.
  • Quito Airport service: During your check-in at the Quito Airport you will find our staff waiting for you in order to help you with the luggage check in and boarding pass.

Navigation and safety equipment

RAYSTAR 125 GPS, 24 miles RAYMARINE E120 radar, 36 miles RAYMARINE E140 radar, magnetic compass, FURUNO HF radio, UNIDEN  VHF radio, ICOM IC M2A  radios, RAYMARINE E63069 Eco sounder, EPIRB, horn, thermometer.
Two inflatable life raft for 16 passengers each, 20 life jackets (SOLAS I), 10 life jackets (disembark), fire detectors and complete fire system.
Safety equipment complies with International Coast Guard regulations



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pm: Mosquera Islet
Sunam: Barranco – Genovesa Island
pm: Darwin Bay – Genovesa Island
Monam: Cerro Brujo – San Cristobal Island
pm: Kiker Rock – San Cristobal Island
am: Interpretation Center – San Cristobal Island and then flight to main land
pm: Lobos Island, San Cristobal
Wedam: Suarez Point, Española Island
pm: Gardner Bay / Gardner Island / Osborn Islet, Española Island
Thuam: Baronesa View Point / Post Office Bay, Floreana Island
pm: Cormorant Point / Devil’s Crown, Floreana Island
Friam: Santa Fe Island
pm: South Plaza Island
Satam: Charles Darwin Station, Santa Cruz
pm: Highlands, Santa Cruz Islands
Monam: El Junco, San Cristobal Island
pm: Return to mainland Ecuador
pm: Chato / Twins, Santa Cruz Island
Sunam: Tintoreras / Humedales, Isabela Island
pm: Breeding Center / Poza de Flamingos / Concha y Perla, Isabela Island
Monam: Moreno Point, Isabela Island
pm: Elizabeth Point, Isbaela Island
Tueam: Punta Espinoza, Fernandina Island
pm: Tagus Cove, Fernandina Island
Wedam: Egas Port, Santiago Island
pm: Espumilla Beach / Caleta Bucano, Santiago Island
Turtle Cove, Santa Cruz Island
pm: Highlands of Santa Cruz Island
Sunam: Tintoreras – Isabela Island
pm: Breeding Center – Isabela Island
Monam: Elizabeth Bay – Isabela Island
pm: Urbina Bay – Isabela Island
Tueam: Punta Espinoza – Fernandina Island
pm: Tagus Cove – Isabela Island
Wedam: Egas Port – Santiago Island
pm: Espumilla beach – Santiago Island
Thuam: Turtle Cove – Santa Cruz Island
pm: Sullivan Bay – Santiago Island
Friam: Bartolome Island
pm: Bachas Beach – Santa Cruz Island
pm: Seymour Island and then transfer to Baltra for your flight to main land.
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