Bartolome Island

Bartolomé Island is the most visited and popular island in the archipelago. It is home to Pinnacle Rock, a volcanic cone, that was formed when magma was expelled from an underwater volcano; the sea cooled the hot lava, which then exploded, only to come together and form this huge rock made up of many thin layers of basalt. Visitors have access to two sites: a dry and wet landing. The dry landing contains a trail to the volcano’s summit where you will find an incredible viewpoint and a fantastic landscape. The wet landing includes a boat ride to the south beach area through mangroves and dune vegetation. Here you will be able to spot various turtles and sharks. On the north beach area, you will be able to enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters. In this area many penguins and giant mantas are often present, so keep an eye out for this amazing animal of the Islands.  

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