First Ever Baby Pink Iguana Found in Galápagos

Baby Pink Iguanas were found on Wolf Volcano. This gives us hope that we can save the species from extinction. Only approximately 250 Pink Iguanas remain, and they are limited to one small area on Wolf Volcano on Isabela Island.


During an expedition to Wolf Volcano I, Dr. Jorge Carrión, found a juvenile iguana that had distinct physical characteristics from Yellow Iguanas that also inhabit Wolf Volcano. Careful inspection proved that it was indeed a Pink Iguana. I later returned with other Galápagos Conservancy staff, Park Rangers, and partners where we found a nesting area and more Pink Iguana hatchlings. This represents a major scientific breakthrough and helps us identify a path forward for conservation action to save the Pink Iguana from the verge of extinction. Unfortunately, camera trap surveys of the nesting area reveal that non-native feral cats are heavily preying on young Pink Iguanas as they emerge from their underground nests.

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