Archipell II Catamaran Galapagos Cruise


16 guests


10 knots


Motor Catamaran


88 ft(27 m)



Archipel II is a comfortable Galapagos catamaran accommodating 16 passengers in private twin and matrimonial cabins. The catamaran build provides stability for a safe and comfortable Galapagos cruise. All cabins feature large windows, air-conditioning, private bathrooms, and plenty of space to store luggage. Bottled water and fresh towels are supplied, and rooms are attended daily to provide the utmost comfort and service providing passengers with all they need to enjoy their time in the Galapagos. Passengers can relax in the spacious common areas or enjoy cocktails from the boat’s well-supplied bar. A conference area with television, DVD player, projector, library and table games gives passengers a way to wind-down in between excursions.

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MONAMSan Cristobal Island: Arrival in San Cristobal Airport and Transfer to the boat
PMSan Cristobal Island: Lobos Island
TUEAMSouth Plaza
PMSanta Fe Island
WEDAMChinese Hat Islet
PMSanta Cruz Island: 6 Dragon Hill
THUAMSanta Cruz Island: 7 Fausto Llerena Breeding Center
PMSanta Cruz Island: 8 Highlands
FRIAMIsabela Island: 9 Las Tintoreras
PMIsabela Island: 10 Arnaldo Tupiza Tortoise Breeding Center
Isabela Island: 11 The Wetlands
SATAMIsabela Island: 12 Moreno Point
PMIsabela Island: 13 Elizabeth Bay
SUNAMIsabela Island: Tagus Cove
PMFernandina Island: 15 Espinosa Point
MONAMSanta Cruz Island: Bachas Beach
Baltra: Transfer to Baltra Airport


Baltra: Arrival to Baltra Airport and Transfer to the boat

PMNorth Seymour
TUEAMBartholomew Island
PMSantiago Island: Buccaneer Cove
Santiago Island: Espumilla Beach
WEDAMSantiago Island: Egas Port
THUAMSanta Cruz Island: Fausto Llerena Breeding Center
PMSanta Cruz Island: Highlands
FRIAMFloreana Island: Cormorant Point
PMFloreana Island: Baroness Viewing Point
Floreana Island: Post Office Bay
SATAMEspañola Island: Gardner Bay
PMEspañola Island: Suarez Point
SUNAMSan Cristobal Island: Pitt Point
PMSan Cristobal Island: Witch Hill
MONAMSan Cristobal Island: Gianni Arismendy Interpretation Center
San Cristobal Island: Transfer to San Cristobal Airport

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