Santiago Island

Santiago Island is one of the most beautiful, interesting and diverse islands on the archipelago due to its stunning volcanic formations and unbelievable basaltic lava flows. It is the perfect island to fully appreciate the volcanic origin of the Galapgos islands. On Sullivan Bay, you will be able to admire this world of lava and walk across the expansive, ominous black lava field that coooled in mesmerizing patterns. Furthermore, Santiago is rich in history and wildlife, which varies on land and ocean. It is important to note the absence of the thousands of land iguanas that Charles Darwin mentioned on his diary; these disappeared due to the presence of introduced species such as goats and rodents. However, these introduced animals have been completely eradicated which gave native tortoises the chance to repopulate the island, and can now be seen more often with each visit. Puerto Egas, which is the post popular visitor site by the cruise vessels, also provides one of the best opportunities to spot the Galapagos fur seal lazing in the sun or diving and swimming in the turquoise waters of this island.

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