Rabida Island

Rabida Island is a unique island that lies at the very heart of the archipelago’s volcanic origin. The lava that poured out during the eruptions that formed the island was rich in iron and magnesiun and when it was exposed to air the iron minerals rusted and created an unearthly red color, making the island shine with this red hue. Not only is Rabida a spectacular place for landscape photography, but it is also filled with a variety of activities and wildlife. Upon arrival on the island, visitors are greeted by a colony of sea lions and marine iguanas that like to lounge on the red beach. Rabida is also a great place for bird watchers as it is full of different species of land and sea birds; Rabida is one of the best places for visitors to see pelicans nesting up close. Flamingos are also spotted in a saltwater lagoon, which is a feeding and breeding area, that lays behind the beach. 

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