Genovesa Island

Genovesa is a horseshoe-shaped island that formed due to the eruption of a shield volcano and then the collapse of the mouth of the volcano. This crater is now called Darwin Bay and provides the home for many seabirds, which is why this island has developed a reputation as “the Bird Island”. An abundance of bird species nest here and can be observed by visitors to this island. The Red-footed Boobie, in particular, can be found here in masses unlike on other islands. In addition, the marine iguana that is found on the shorelines of Genovesa is the only reptile on this island and the smallest in the archipelago. Visitors to this island can enjoy a hike up the rocky hill that leads to a point overlooking the cliffs and Darwin Bay or snorkel in the nutrient-rich waters along the cliffs at Darwin Beach or anywhere inside the crater. This is a perfect spot to encounter all types of marine life, from numerous shark species to sea lions, sea turtles, and manta rays. 

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