Floreana Island

Floreana Island has a long history of human settlement that makes it rich in stories and offers visitors much to discover. In the early history of Floreana, the island attracted many sailors, whale hunters, and many other adventurers that reached it. The island still has a mailing system that was used in 1793 when a group of whalers placed a wooden barrel on the island and called it a post office. Now, visitors that come to the location can leave one of their letters to be sent to all destinations. This island also has wonderful wildlife and is the place where the most famous snorkeling spot, Devil’s Crown, is located. Devil’s Crown was once a volcanic crater that eroded with time and left a ring of jagged rocks that jut out of the water in roughly the shape of a crown. Inside the crown is the premier snorkeling spot in all of Galapagos as there is an underwater oasis of coral reefs that are filled with beautiful marine species such as playful sea lions, King Angel Fish, Baloon Fish, Hawkfish, Yellowtail grunts, Tiger Snake Eels, White-tipped Sharks, Eagle Rays, Hammerhead Sharks and sea turtles. 

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